Sickle In Africa Newsletter: Issue 01
This is the inaugural issue of Sickle In Africa, a bi-annual Newsletter for the Sickle Africa Data Coordinating Center (SADaCC), Sickle Pan African Research Consortium (SPARCO) and the Sickle Pan-African Network (SPAN...
World Sickle Day, 19 June 2018
SADaCC, in Collaboration with the UCT Genetic Counsellors, celebrated World Sickle Cell Day. The day was also used as an opportunity to launch the Sickle Cell South Africa Support Group.
Dexter Darden, Maze Runner actor and Sickle Cell Disease Spokesperson
Spokesperson for Sickle Cell Disease, Dexter Darden
The Maze Runner actor, Dexter Darden serves as a spokesperson for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. He encourages young people with SCD to be positive about...
SPARCO Tanzania Site: Launch of Sickle Cell Disease Health Passport
The Sickle Cell Disease Health Passport was developed with the aim of empowering patients to have ownership of their medical records. The passport contains patients’ socio-demographic information as well as records of hospital visits.
1st SPARCO and SPAN Consortium Meeting
The first SADaCC and SPARCO Consortium meeting was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and was attended by 30 participants with one participant joining remotely from the US via Skype (whenever the network allowed). The main aim of this 1st SADaCC...
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The Sickle In Africa consortium aims to facilitate research in Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and the subsequent translation of this research into healthcare and health outcomes. Sickle in Africa is made up of three initiatives : Sickle Africa Data Coordinating Center (SADaCC), Sickle Pan-African Research Consortium (SPARCO) and Sickle Cell Pan African Network (SPAN).

SPARCO: Multinational consortium  which is coordinated from a hub at the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Science. SPARCO aims to develop research capacity for SCD through a multidimensional approach which addresses infrastructure, education & training, provision of longitudinal research data and the translation of research into practise.

SADaCC: An administrative, data standardization and coordinating center for Sickle Cell Disease research and infrastructure needs. Its current mandate is to focus on supporting and coordinating data and communications for a partner research network, SPARCO with plans to expand this support to research groups within SPAN in the future.

SPAN: A network of researchers, clinicians, funders and centers working in SCD which aims foster research and infrastructure development.